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CP Legal Research Group

Counsel Press has always provided attorneys with research and writing assistance for appellate briefs. Now, Counsel Press is expanding its services through its Legal Research Group. Turn to us for assistance with trial court pleadings, motion practice, and memoranda. With a staff of licensed attorneys with a decade or more of experience in numerous jurisdictions throughout the country, CP Legal Research Group is equipped to provide you with high quality and cost efficient drafting and research services.

CP Legal Research Group offers you all the benefits of a “Virtual Practice Group." We are always available to assist you when needed with legal research and drafting on any project, without the additional burden or expense of maintaining capacity for such matters. You can utilize our services on an “as needed” basis, allowing you to focus on building your core areas of practice without turning away work. CP Legal Research Group helps maintain your demanding schedule without sacrificing your quality of life.

CP Legal Research Group has access to case law and statutes from all 50 states in order to assist you with your client’s projects, no matter what the jurisdiction. You control the scope of the services provided, and you're involved throughout your project. Combine our expertise with your knowledge of the client’s matter and instantly maximize the level of service you offer your clients. Let CP Legal Research Group help you bill more, work less, and provide superior service.

Please call Counsel Press for further information: 888-4-CPLRG

CP Legal Research Group