COVID-19 Court Updates By Federal Courts and Circuits

Counsel Press has implemented appropriate measures to avoid any disruption of service during this health emergency. We can be counted upon to finalize all aspects of your important appellate filings seamlessly. Please do not hesitate to contact your staff counsel or any member of our team of professionals should you have questions.

All courts have been impacted by COVID-19, many deadlines have been extended, most courts remain open and filings remain necessary. We will post Federal Courts and Circuits updates as they are announced here. Please also visit the court’s website to further confirm you have the latest information.

COVID-19 Court Updates by State (A-M)
COVID-19 Court Updates by State (N-W)

Supreme Court The United States COVID-19 Updates
SCOTUS Guidance: Clerk's Operations (4/17/20)
Order (4/15/20)
Order (3/19/20)

Federal & Circuit Courts COVID-19 Updates
First Circuit Order (4/20/20)
Order (3/24/20)
Paper Filings - Use Drop-box
Second Circuit Announcements
Order (8/17/20)
Order (6/22/20)
Order (3/26/20)
Order (3/24/2020)
Order (3/16/2020)
Visitor Restrictions (3/16/2020)
Third Circuit Amended Notice - Email Filing (4/13/20)
Notice - Email Filing (4/1/20)
Notice - COVID-19 (3/17/20)
Fourth Circuit Announcements
Notice of Amendment to Standing Order 20-01 (8/24/20)
Notice of Amendment to Standing Order 20-01 (4/8/20)
Notice of Standing Order 20-01 (3/23/20)
Notice - COVID-19 (3/17/20)
Fifth Circuit Order 2 (3/25/20)
Order 1 (3/20)
Sixth Circuit Notice - COVID-19 (4/7/20)
Notice - COVID-19 (3/17/20)
Seventh Circuit Order - Court Operations (8/3/20)
Order - Paper Copy Requirements (3/31/20)
Order (3/18/20)
Eighth Circuit *Suspended paper copies filing requirements;
must still serve paper copies.
Order (3/16/2020)
Ninth Circuit Order: Judicial Emergency, Ca Central (4/10/2020)
Order: Judicial Emergency, Ca Southern (4/2/2020)
Notice 2 (3/17/2020)
Order (3/16/2020)
Notice 1 (3/12/2020)
Tenth Circuit Announcements
Order - Court Operations (6/12/20)
Order (3/16/2020)
Entry Information (3/13/2020)
Eleventh Circuit Order No. 45 (3/20/20)
Visitor Restrictions (3/16/2020)
Order (3/15/2020)
District of Columbia Circuit Order (9/4/20)
Order (4/1/2020)
Notice - Pro Se Filings (3/23/20)
Order (3/17/2020)
Visitor Restrictions (3/12/2020)
Coronavirus Precautions
Federal Circuit Announcements
Order - Oral Arguments Telephonically (5/18/20)
Notice - June 2020 Session (5/11/20)
Order (3/20/20)
Notice - Pro Se Parties (3/20/20)
Visitor Restrictions (3/16/2020)
Notice (3/16/2020)
Order (3/16/2020)
Press Release (3/12/2020)

COVID-19 Court Updates by State (A-M)
COVID-19 Court Updates by State (N-W)

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