COVID-19 Court Updates By States (N-W)

Counsel Press has implemented appropriate measures to avoid any disruption of service during this health emergency. We can be counted upon to finalize all aspects of your important appellate filings seamlessly. Please do not hesitate to contact your staff counsel or any member of our team of professionals should you have questions.

All courts have been impacted by COVID-19, many deadlines have been extended, most courts remain open and filings remain necessary. We will post appellate court updates for states beginning with N through W as they are announced here. Please also visit the court’s website to further confirm you have the latest information.

COVID-19 Federal and Circuit Court Updates
COVID-19 Court Updates by State (A-M)

State Courts (N-W) COVID-19 Updates
Nebraska All Announcements

Nebraska Supreme Court
Order - Novel Coronavirus & COVID-19 Disease (4/6/20)
Order - COVID-19 preparedness (3/12/20)
Nevada All Announcements

Order - Access to Appellate Court Facilities (4/20/20)
Order - COVID-19 Emergency Oral Argument Procedures (4/20/20)
Order - District Court Proceeding During Emergency (4/10/20)
Order - Cancellation of Oral Argument and Public Hearing (3/19/20)
Order - Access to Appellate Court Facilities (3/19/20)
New Hampshire All Announcements

New Jersey Supreme Court of New Jersey
Order - Filing Dates Extended (4/24/20)
Order - Filing Dates Extended (3/27/20)
Order - Motion Papers Courtesy Copies (3/25/20)
Notice - Emergent Applications (3/24/20)
Order - Filing Extension (3/17/20)
NJ Court Operations (3/15/2020)

Superior Court, Appellate Division
Deadline Extensions and Tolling Periods (4/15/20)
COVID-19 Filing Information
New Mexico All Announcements
New York Unified Court System
EO 202.28 - Tolling Extended through June 6th (5/7/20)
Memo - E-Filing through EDDS (4/30/20)
Order - Expanding Operations (4/9/20)
Order - Limited Court Filings (3/22/20)
Gov. Cuomo EO 202.8 (3/20/20)

Message from Chief Judge DiFiore (4/13/20)
Notice - Oral Arguments (4/6/20)

Appellate Division, First Department
Order - Rescission of Temporary Suspension Order (5/8/20)
Order - Deadline Extended to May 8th (4/15/20)
Emergency Procedures (3/17/20)
Order Extending Deadlines (3/17/20)

Appellate Division, Second Department
Notice - Skype Oral Arguments
Order - Lifting Suspension of Deadlines (5/6/20)
Notice - Appeal Decision Release Schedule (4/23/20)
Notice - Court Operations Update (4/23/20)
Notice - Virtual Court (4/14/20) Emergency Extension (3/17/20)
Court Operations
Oral Arguments (3/13/20)

Appellate Division, Third Department
Order - Lifting Suspension of Deadlines (5/22/20)
Order - Lifting Suspension of Deadlines (5/6/20)
Expanded Court Operations (4/20/20)
Emergency Procedures (3/17/20)
Order Suspends Filing/Perfection Deadlines (3/17/20)

Appellate Division, Fourth Department
Order - Lifting Suspension of Deadlines (4/17/20)
Notice - Parties Scheduled for Argument in June Term (4/17/20)
Notice - Virtual Court (4/17/20)
Hard Copy Filings Not Permitted (3/19/20)
Arguments For March/April Term (3/19/20)
Arguments For May Term (3/19/20)
Emergency Procedures (3/19/20)
Order Suspending Deadlines (3/17/20)
North Carolina All Announcements
North Dakota All Announcements
Ohio Monitoring
Oklahoma All Announcements

Second Emergency Joint Order (3/27/20)
Second Emergency Order (3/23/20)
First Emergency Joint Order (3/16/20)
Order - Appellate Filings & Writs
Oregon All Announcements
Pennsylvania Supreme Court
Order - Extends Court Closures (4/1/20)
Order - Extending April 2020 CLE Deadline (3/19/20)
Order - Courts Closed to the Public (3/18/20)
Notice - Filing Extension (3/17/20)
Judicial Administration Order (3/17/20)
Order - Statewide Judicial Emergency (3/16/20)

Superior Courts
Order - A08/20 Scheduling (3/19/20)
Order - Courts Closed to Public (3/18/20)
Order - A10/20 Scheduling (3/18/20)
Order - A09/20 Scheduling (3/18/20)
Order - Administrative Docket (3/17/20)
Notice - COVID-19 Operations (3/16/20)
Order - RE Statewide Judicial Emergency (3/16/20)

Commonwealth Court
Order - Filing Extension (3/18/20)
Order - March Arguments (3/16/20)
Order - Jurisdiction Hearings (3/16/20)
Rhode Island All Announcements
South Carolina All Announcements
South Dakota All Announcements
Tennessee All Announcements
Texas All Announcements
Utah All Announcements
Vermont All Announcements
Virginia Supreme Court
Order - Judicial Emergency (3/16/20)
Notice - Tolling of Appellate Deadlines (3/16/20)
Washington All Announcements
West Virginia All Announcements
Wisconsin Announcements

Supreme Court
Order - Oral Arguments (3/22/20)
Wyoming Announcements

Supreme Court
Order - Paper Copies (3/20/20)
Order - Emergency Plan (3/18/20)

COVID-19 Federal and Circuit Court Updates
COVID-19 Court Updates by State (A-M)