The United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit Goes Live with NextGen CM/ECF November 20, 2017

The District of Columbia Circuit is completing its move to the NextGen CM/ECF system with a go live date of November 20, 2017. This is good news for those of you who have issues with Java and would like to use a broader range of browsers like Chrome or Safari to do your e-filing. The interface is changing to allow a more standard approach to e-filing across all the circuits and combines the account management features.

One important change that each user must have an individual account. Firm-wide and shared accounts are no longer permitted. The firm may set up a PACER Administrative Account to the purposes consolidating billing and account management.

Here are a few steps you need to take now to be ready for any filing after that:

    1. Upgrade your legacy PACER account if you haven’t already done so (you have if you file in any of the other Courts that have already moved to NextGen or if you created your account after August 10, 2014). Instructions to upgrade are available here.
    2. Link your upgraded PACER account to your D.C. Circuit CM/ECF e-filer account. Unfortunately for anyone due around the start date, you will not be able to do this until November 20.

Counsel Press’ clients will continue to enjoy a smooth transition for their appellate filings as we always take care of the procedural aspects regardless of how the briefs are filed. E-filing allows enhanced capabilities of your electronic briefs and record extracts with hyperlinks, bookmarks, text searchable and other navigation features that will make an impact on all users. Please contact us for more information on e-Brief or other appellate services.

You can find the Court’s Notice here.