Filing Your Appeal with Counsel Press: How we get it done correctly the first time, every time? (Part II – Implementing World-Class Technology)

Recently, I wrote an article about the development of Counsel Press’ expert team and our outlook towards achieving the highest standards in quality and service for our clientele. Another key component to our success is the use of world-class technology.

Counsel Press has developed a proprietary software platform that is custom-designed to address the specifics of the appellate process, and it fully integrates every aspect of our business, including all client workflow. Every relevant detail about any matter being handled by our team is visible within this system to all members of the team on the project. Also, all Counsel Press staff are able to work on any file regardless of which of our 12 locations our team member is physically located. This permits us to fully maximize our team’s efficiency and meet tough deadlines. This system is the key platform for our team, permitting access to all documents, cases, court rules, PACER, e-mails, client instructions and more, at any time. No third-party system can offer what we have implemented.

Counsel Press’ clientele are also provided with access to our secure CP Client Portal. All documents and information associated with a matter are available for viewing, updating or downloading 24 hours a day. Moreover, your whole team can use the client portal to exchange and review documents. You have control over who can view the documents on a case-by-case basis. There is no need to set up a customized Dropbox or other file-sharing system; we have already built all of the functionality into our system and continue to enhance it. (You can read more about the CP Client Portal here.)

All Counsel Press’ data is replicated to at least three different storage sites across the country. In this way, our clients’ files are securely stored and constantly accessible. When disaster strikes, Counsel Press can still perform for its clients without missing a beat.

Every Counsel Press customer benefits from all of the above. Counsel Press’ utmost objective is to guide our clients as they navigate the appellate courts while ensuring that all projects progress, no matter the circumstance.

In the last installment of this three-part series, I will discuss how Counsel Press offers our clients world-class service through three specialty divisions: our United States Supreme Court department, our CP Legal Research Group and CP eBrief division.

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