Filing Your Appeal with Counsel Press: How we get it done correctly the first time, every time? (Part I – Cultivating the Appellate Experts)

The preparation of a recent, enormous, 516 volume appeal has led me to field some questions about how we manage these large projects. That caused me to consider Counsel Press’ internal procedures and our methods towards the management and effective oversight of our work. How are we able to deliver, accurately, even on these incredibly large projects?

We do this in three ways. First, we constantly develop our expert staff. Second, we deploy world-class technology to support our expert team at every turn. Finally, we utilize cutting edge machinery within our production facilities nationwide. In this blog, I will discuss our most valuable asset – the cultivation of our expert team.

At Counsel Press, we work with over 8000 attorneys annually, all across the country. In order to meet their needs, we cultivate the knowledge of our team intensely. We coordinate and implement company-wide professional development goals to support and achieve the highest quality experience possible at every stage for our clientele. Those goals demand heavy cross-training of our team. Training, staff development and cross-training also gives us the option to shift projects from one Counsel Press location to another. Our specialists can be marshalled for client matters in which they are most effective and knowledgeable, regardless of where they are physically located.

To strike the right balance, we weigh the company benefits and the employee benefits, respectively. To be sure, there is value in cross-training to the company, manager and employee alike. Cross-training an employee gives them the opportunity to learn a new skill, which then leads to greater rewards. With their new skills, our team becomes more valuable to our organization and clients alike. The added knowledge enriches our team, stimulates them and bolsters our clients’ experience when working with us.

In the aggregate, all of these factors contribute to the award-winning support and service our team is able to provide our clientele. At Counsel Press, we work tirelessly to ensure that every individual aspect of our clients’ experiences with us is memorable, while offering meaningful expertise that makes a lasting impression.

In the following two installments, I will write about how Counsel Press deploys world-class technology to support our expert team and the value of our specialty appellate support departments.

Video: 516 Volumes – Business as Usual
"From the smallest to the largest projects, the CP Team always delivers! Take a look at this short video we put together to have some fun after we filed an enormous 516 volume appeal."

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