Maryland Appeals: Effective July 1, 2014, Md. R. 1-322.2 requires a Certificate of Compliance with Md. R. 1-322.1 (redaction of personal identifier information) in every filing

John C. Kruesi, Esq. As you probably know, last year, Md. R. 1-322.1 formalized the requirement for counsel to redact personal identifier information “in any electronic or paper filing with a court.” We are alerting our clients, practicing in Maryland appellate courts, of this rule so that they can identify sensitive information, such as social security numbers and financial or medical information for us to redact prior to filing. Please be advised that now Md. R. 1-322.2 requires a certificate of compliance with this requirement. The signed certification should be part of the document or attached to it.

The rule (1-322.2(b)) states that the clerk “shall not accept for filing” any filing missing a certificate of compliance. We suggest that counsel update their firm’s standard certificate of services form now, so the additional certification is included at the bottom of the page and not forgotten in a last-minute rush.

Maryland rules are available at LexisNexis, at no charge, via this link: Maryland Rules.

UPDATE: As of June 20, 2014
The Maryland Court of Appeals just issued an order deferring the effective date of Md. R. 1-322.2 until September 1, 2014. The Rules Committe met June 19th to consider possible amendments or clarifications to the scope of rules 1-322.1 and 1-322.2. According to a report in The Daily Record, the Rules Committee voted to repeal 1-322.2. The Committee’s recommendations will go to the Court of Appeals for a final decision on the certification requirements.

For your reference, here are some useful links:

• Text of the order changing the effective date: click here
• Agenda for the meeting and the concerns of the Rules Committee: click here
• The Daily Record article covering this topic: click here

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