Appellate Practice in Upstate New York: Counsel Press Still Makes House Calls

Long distance communication has become key to the success of many organizations, and it is certainly the preferred method of business in larger cities. However, in Upstate New York, where a handshake used to be all it took, personal contact is still very important in the business world. When assisting clients with their appellate matters, Counsel Press employs all the traditional methods, as well as the newest technology and tools, to ensure the easiest appellate experience ever. From phone calls and emails to Counsel Press' client portal and our popular Appellate Forum, there are many ways for our clients to reach us with a question or send us their documents. Yet, here in Upstate New York, good, old-fashioned, in-person meetings are still an integral part of conducting business and we certainly appreciate the fact that our clients often want to meet with us face-to-face.

Counsel Press is a national company, offering clients superior appellate services and unparalleled appellate printing capabilities. Our main office and production facility in New York City has all the capacity to meet the needs of clients across the northeast region, and more. However, it is our local offices, including five across the New York State area, which give us the ability to be the local experts and offer that national level of service with a personal touch. In Upstate New York, we often meet with clients in-person – to discuss their appellate practice and specific needs. Our clients located nearby often see us when we pick up their brief, record or motion papers, or simply drop in to say hello. We also make frequent road trips to meet those clients who are further away.

So, why are we still doing this in today’s fast-paced world? We do it because it matters. It matters to you and to us. It not only separates us from how others do business, but it allows us to better understand the challenges you face, as well. The telephone and e-mail are certainly efficient ways of conducting business, but many times we all seem rushed to get to the next project, hit the send button and move on to the “next to-do” item. So, stopping by to discuss a record, picking up documents, or to begin a new project, allows our clients to get to know us. We love to get to know you, and we hope you benefit from getting to know us personally. This is what Counsel Press and the Upstate New York offices offer – options. Whether you prefer to do business using the newest technology or meeting at your office or our location, we are only a short walk or drive away.

"The Nation's local appellate experts are also your New York State appellate experts." Counsel Press

Please contact me with any questions regarding preparing and filing any appeal. Counsel Press provides a full spectrum of appellate services. Our Syracuse office focuses on rule-compliant appellate filings in the New York State Court of Appeals, New York State Appellate Division-Third Department and Appellate Division-Fourth Department, New York State Appellate Term-First Department and Appellate Term-Second Department, and the US Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit. Through our local offices, we offer in-depth knowledge of rules and procedures in all state and federal appellate courts nationwide.

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