Appellate Forum: LinkedIn Group Powered by Counsel Press – Why You Should Join and Participate

Just about a year ago, Counsel Press launched a new group on LinkedIn named Appellate Forum. Around 4,000 appellate practitioners joined the group since then, making it the largest appellate lawyer network of its kind, online and offline. If you still have not joined, below is a quick overview of why you should do so today.

LinkedIn Groups: What They Offer
While you may already have a LinkedIn profile, you may not be fully aware of all the great features this popular site offers, and you may be missing out on the main benefits. In the simplest terms, LinkedIn attempts to map the professional connections and relationships you have in the real world to the Internet, and then gives you some powerful tools to connect to your network; and, most importantly, to participate. One of the best ways to build stronger relationships within LinkedIn is through groups.

Lawyer LinkedIn groups provide a way to stay abreast of legal trends around the country in your area of practice, as well as giving you a way of getting to know attorneys who you would otherwise probably never meet. In groups, people share information, brainstorm ideas, discuss their interests and challenges and post informational articles and links. You have an opportunity to draw on the knowledge of other members and it may not show up in an earnings report, but posting a question to a group of seasoned law practitioners can save time, money and frustration.

Appellate Forum: Why Join This Group
The Appellate Forum group focuses exclusively on rules, practices and procedures of U.S. federal and state appellate courts. This group serves as an expansive sounding board – to air questions and exchange information relating to appellate practice. Appellate Forum is powered by Counsel Press, with the commitment to answer all posted questions in all appellate matters nationwide.

What does this all mean for you? It means that you will have access to an exceptional appellate practice resource – i.e., fresh articles on the procedural aspects of appellate practice; strategies and best practices; updates in the appellate courts; announcements for appellate events (e.g., summits, seminars, CLE courses, etc.). You will be able to engage with your industry peers on important topics pertinent to this area of practice and will expand your professional network. You will also be able to draw on the knowledge of Counsel Press' appellate experts – our appellate counsel and paralegals who annually prepare and file over 8,000 appeals. Just post a question and we will take it from there.

How Do You Join and Participate?
If you have a LinkedIn profile, joining Appellate Forum is simple. When you are logged into your account, use this link and hit the "Join Group" button. Alternatively, you can find Appellate Forum by typing the name in the search field at the top of the LinkedIn home page. (Please feel free to contact me directly, if you need assistance with joining the group or with setting up your LinkedIn profile.)

Once you join Appellate Forum, discussions will come directly to your email and you can quickly see what is being discussed and decide if you want to participate in the discussion. You can also start a discussion which will allow you to lead and participate.

Appellate Forum is an excellent resource that helps appellate practitioners across the country to connect and exchange important information. Join Appellate Forum today!

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