Counsel Press Inc. Acquires The Lex Group

Counsel Press Inc. Acquires The Lex Group


New York, New York (November 30, 2022) – Counsel Press Inc., the nation’s largest appellate services provider, announced today that it has finalized its agreement to acquire The Lex Group.

The Lex Group was founded in 1995 in Richmond, Virginia by Lois R. Halloran and has grown to become a leading appellate services firm serving all federal circuit courts, the United States Supreme Court and a multitude of state jurisdictions.

“The Lex Group has a long and distinguished history of providing exceptional service to their clients in a very demanding, deadline-driven industry,” said Scott R. Thompson, Chief Executive Officer and President of Counsel Press. “This acquisition further solidifies our position as the nation’s leading appellate services provider, with more than 85 years of experience in preparing, filing, and serving appeals in all state and federal appellate courts nationwide. We welcome The Lex Group team and their clients to Counsel Press and look forward to continuing to provide excellent appellate services for all our clients,” added Mr. Thompson.

“The Lex Group’s clients will experience a seamless transition and will continue to receive the same high level of service and professionalism that they have always relied upon,” said Halloran, the former owner and President of The Lex Group.

Counsel Press has set the highest standard in appellate preparations since 1938, earning it the title, The Appellate Experts®. We proudly provide accurate, precise and compliant filings to thousands of customers, filing over 12,000 appeals annually across all 50 states and all appellate jurisdictions.