The Appellate Law Journal
Volume 2 | Issue 3 | 2014

The Appellate Law Journal focuses exclusively on rules, practices and procedures of federal and state appellate courts nationwide. Edited by the appellate experts at Counsel Press, The Appellate Law Journal is designed to provide a forum for creative thought about the procedural aspects of appellate practice and to disclose best practices, strategies and practical tips.
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Inside This Issue:

Appealing from the Illinois Appellate Court to the Illinois Supreme Court: Which of the Three Available Methods is Appropriate for Your Case?
There are several ways to initiate an appeal from the Illinois Appellate Court to the Illinois Supreme Court. You can petition the Illinois Supreme Court for leave to appeal under Illinois Supreme Court Rule 315; you can appeal to the Illinois Supreme Court on certificate under Illinois Supreme Court Rule 316 or you can appeal as of right under Illinois Supreme Court Rule 317. This article offers a brief explanation of each Rule.

Appellate Tips: 15 Critical Steps To Effective Brief Writing
The appellate brief is unquestionably the most important element in an appeal – presuming the record has been properly preserved and prepared. Nothing will be more persuasive than a cogent, well-written, legal argument, applying precedents to the facts before the court. The purpose of this article is to share our extensive knowledge in this field and to provide appellate practitioners with guidelines for effective brief writing.

"Web Links to Nowhere" in SCOTUS Decisions: How to Ensure that Cited Material Remains Available for Years to Come
According to a recent article in The New York Times, half of the hyperlinks in Supreme Court opinions no longer link to the information originally cited. Even at this level, creating a link directly to a website can be risky business. The question arises, how do you take control of slippery online material when citing to a web source directly?

Appellate Forum: LinkedIn Group Powered by Counsel Press – Why You Should Join and Participate
About four months ago, Counsel Press launched a new group on LinkedIn named Appellate Forum. More than 2,800 appellate practitioners joined the group since then, and the Forum keeps adding members on a daily basis. If you still have not joined, below is a quick overview of why you should do so today.

Video: 516 Volumes – Business as Usual
From the smallest to the largest projects, the CP Team always delivers! Take a look at this short video we put together to have some fun after we filed an enormous 516 volume appeal.

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