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Counsel Press Introduces Interactive Oral Argument Prep Product


Counsel Press Introduces Interactive Oral Argument Prep Product

New York City, New York (May 1, 2012) - At its New York City headquarters, Counsel Press Legal Research Group announced the introduction of an interactive oral argument preparation product. This new product is specifically designed for assisting attorneys in preparing for oral argument before any court. This new product fills a hole in the preparation routine of many attorneys by providing an easy-to-use, and highly-structured product that puts all the relevant case documents, along with custom coaching and court specific information, at their fingertips.

The interactive Oral Argument Preparation package is the first of its kind made available to attorneys nationwide. Attorneys that use this product will cut many hours out of their advance preparation routines and be able to focus on the highest value efforts in preparation for oral argument on their matters. The CP Legal Research group includes a custom coaching memorandum specifically tailored to the briefing filed by each party in the case that will highlight the strengths, weaknesses and potential bench questions reagarding arguments made by both sides. The court specific details include important information like the court address, amount of time allotted for argument, check-in procedures and a profile of the bench style in that court.

The Oral Argument Prep package was specifically designed to be portable and share-able. Attorneys can now carry a small PDF based file with them instead of mounds of paper, and can literally work on their preparation anywhere they can access a computer or table. When preparing for an oral argument most attorneys enlist the help of a colleague or friend and now each of these helpers can also access the Prep package to ensure the highest value interaction possible during the preparation period.

This new Oral Argument Prep package is not only comprehensive, but also very affordable. The package was designed to be offered at a very reasonable price point. This helps CP Legal Research Group ensure that there are few barriers to counsel that want to be highly prepared during their next oral argument. Attorneys also know that their clients will greatly prefer to pay for an attorney focusing on high-value activities, rather than low-value, but important, process oriented activities. This product is a win for all involved.

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