John C. Kruesi, Esq. Maryland’s e-filing system, MDEC, is coming to Western Maryland (Allegany, Garrett, Frederick, and Washington Counties) this month. Western Maryland joins Anne Arundel, Eastern Shore and Southern counties (Anne Arundel, Calvert, Caroline, Cecil, Charles, Dorchester, Kent, Queen Anne’s, Somerset, St. Mary’s, Talbot, Wicomico, and Worcester counties) which have already successfully implemented the MDEC e-filing system. E-filing opens sophisticated, user friendly opportunities for firms to leverage the technology associated with e-Briefs. Counsel Press’ clients will continue to enjoy a smooth transition for their appellate filings as we always take care of the procedural aspects regardless of how the briefs are filed. E-filing allows enhanced capabilities of your electronic briefs and record extracts with hyperlinks, bookmarks, text searchable and other navigation features that will make an impact on all users. If you haven’t already, make sure to register with MDEC to receive your user name and password for their system. You can learn more about registering for MDEC here: http://www.courts.state.md.us/mdec/efiling.html.

For more information on e-Brief services or Appeals in Maryland in general, please contact John Kruesi at jkruesi@counselpress.com or 202-783-7288.


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